Build your own Digital Synthesizer
Build your own Digital Synthesizer

and start playing it directly inside your Browser

You need a MIDI keyboard only

Reproduce old style instruments

Pick from our library, or create by yourself, any vintage synthesizer you like

Invent new synthesis engines

Give power to your creativity and experiment any new idea

Have fun with your live shows

Build your hardware standalone module and take it everywhere

(coming soon)

Try our demos, no registration is required:
Mini Model D

Pro Solo

Drawbar Organ

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Explore Your Creative Potential in Music

YB-Synth is the intersection of technological innovation and passion for music. Offering a unique and intuitive platform, YB-Synth invites you to explore the vast world of music creation through a graphical and engaging approach.
Discover the potential in new technologies for music creation, such as WASM and Web Audio API, on which YB-Synth was created.

Unleash Your Creativity

With YB-Synth, creating musical synthesizers becomes a limitless experience. Drag and connect various modules - such as VCO, VCA, VCF, ADSR, and many others - to create your own unique and personalized sound. Our intuitive graphical interface guides you through each step, allowing you to freely express your creativity without the need for advanced programming or sound synthesis knowledge.

An Unlimited Sound Library

Explore a vast library of pre-configured instruments, from classics like the Minimoog and Hammond Organ to the most innovative and experimental. Find the inspiration you're looking for and add a unique touch to your musical compositions with authentic and surprising sounds.

For Everyone, Everywhere

YB-Synth is designed to meet the needs of musicians, sound technicians, music producers, DJs, and enthusiasts of electronics and sound processing. Whether you're starting your journey in music or you're an expert in the field, YB-Synth provides you with the tools to explore, create, and share your music wherever you are.

Explore, Create, Share

Join a community of music enthusiasts and experience the power of sound creation with YB-Synth. Explore various use scenarios, from gaming and experimentation to home recording, live performances, and teaching. Share your creations with the world and inspire other musicians to explore their creative potential.

Start Your Musical Journey with YB-Synth

No matter what your background or level of experience, YB-Synth is here to help you bring your music to life. Enter our world and discover the limitless potential of music creation with YB-Synth.